Photos of Sherry Baby : An Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian is a cat with a distinctive ticked coat. Each hair has a base color with three or four darker-colored bands; the hair is the lighter color at the root, and the darker "ticking" color at the tip. Sherry Baby's color is called "Ruddy". The coat has a warm reddish-brown base, with black ticking. The Ruddy's feet and the backs of the hind legs are always black.

Sherry Baby was born April 12, 1995. Her mother was CH Alexy's Sweet Gerogia Brown and her father was GCRW Alexy's Blue Thunder.

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Sherry Baby just home
Sherry Baby was born April 1995.
Sherry Baby in 1995
Getting use to her new residence.
Sherry Baby on the couch
Look at those big ears. She will start to grown into them soon.
Sherry Baby in explores the sox drawer
Sherry Baby at 5 Months Old.
Sherry Baby at about 5 Months Old
Sherry Baby in a paper bag
The cat is NOT out of the bag - - yet!
Sherry Baby
Sherry Baby
Sherry Baby

Sherry Baby meet a Florida Grasshopper

Sherry Baby
Sherry Baby at about 10 months.

Sherry Baby
An Abyssinian cat has very unusual coloring of the fur. This coloring is called Ruddy.

Sherry Baby at 1 Year Old
1 Year Old
Sherry Baby in August 2003
Sherry Baby is 8.33 years old in this photo - August 2003.
Sherry Baby - August 2003
August 2003

Sherry Baby in her special fainting sofa - May 2004
Sherry Baby in June 2004
June 2004.

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