Photos of the cat named Melissa

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Melissa Melissa  May 2003
This Picture was taken May 2003. Melissa was a rescue cat about to have kittens. She was only a kitten herself but she delivered 5 kittens in December of 2002. I would guess that she was about 11 months old when she had the kittens. Melissa passed from Kidney Failure a few month after this picture was taken.

Melissa's Kittens - Feb 2002

Suzie - the oldest and biggest of the kittens
Harley - the 2nd oldest and biggest of the kittens
Grey Kitty
Grey Kitty - 3rd Kitten born
Bad Hair Day Kitten
Bad Hair Day Kitten - This kitten's hair was always wild
Panda was the RUNT of the bunch.
He almost didn't make it when he was born.
Another of Panda - He was like a mini Suzie - very Mini.
The marking on his nose was slightly different.
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