m3cats' Interests

m3cats has many interests, a few of them include cats , computers , science fiction , and cars but not necessarily in that order.

m3cats is owned by many cats Interest 1: Cats

There are seven cats that own hubby and me. Our love for cats is one of the things that brought us together. We have always had at least two cats at a time and have gone through some suffering over the lost of more than 7 of the many cats in our 20 plus years together. Currently we have two orange cats that are bother and sister, a big black cat, a big gray cat, and 3 semi feral cats that are only outside cats. The two orange cats were born on our 5 acre ranch by one of our semi feral cats. The big black cat is a Humane Society rescue so we really do not know her age. The big gray cat that was blown into our yard when Frances hit Florida in 2004. The three semi feral cats that came with our 5 acre ranch are related to the orange bother and sister. One is the Mom, another is the Dad, and the third is the grandma. There is a link to some pictures of these cats on the Cat Photos page .

Yes, I am a computer nerd. Interest 2: Computers

I have been an avid computer user for a long time, but it wasn't until 1998 that I started taking computer classes. Since then, I have been studying Programming, Databases, Web Design, and AutoCAD at various community colleges and the University of Central Florida, where I hope to obtain a Bachelor in Computer Science some time this century. When I design a website, I use Xhtml and I adhere to the W3C standards and use the W3C validator to check for any errors.

My former training is in Clinical Laboratory Medicine, where I've been working as a Medical Technologist since 1984. I hope to write programs for the medical field.

1955 Chevy Interest 3: Vehicles

OLD CARS (1955 Chevy in particular)
Hubby and I would attend many of the old car events in Daytona and New Smyrna Beach. About the time that we were growing tired of the events, Hubby decided to buy a 1955 two-door post Chevy. While that car was getting a custom paint job, which took more than six months, he found and purchased another 1955 two-door post Chevy. However, this second 1955 two-door Chevy had a fancy coral colored paint job and all new interior but the engine and wiring required a lot of work. Just a few months later, Hubby found a 1955 Chevy Nomad that he just had to have. This was his dream car and it was almost all original. The purchase of these cars was pre-2000 and since then we traded the coral colored Chevy for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. We still own the other two cars and you need not inquire about a price for the Nomad because it is NOT FOR SALE.

Information About the 1955 Chevy Nomad

Chevrolet did produced about 8,500 Nomads beginning mid year 1955. It arrived as a two-door station wagon based on the sporty Bel Air series and projected almost a Cadillac image. The headlamps were slightly hooded, the grille was new, the wrap a round windshield was very fashionable, a special trail gate and the stylized slanted B pillars are what made the 1955 Nomad very popular. The Nomad was a beautifully clean design that showed a strong influence of General Motors styling engineer, Harley Earl.

Science Fiction Interest 4: Science Fiction

We are both huge Sci-Fi junkies (he couldn't have been in my life otherwise). I've been a fan of Robert A. Heinlein since the 7th grade. Robert A. Heinlein's book, "Stranger in a Strange Land", was one of the books on the table that I was told to chose from after a readings level test. Since that time, I became a Heinlein addict and I inhaled all 40 plus of the books that he had authored. It was a big loss to Robert A. Heinlein's fans when he died in May of 1988. There are several other Sci-Fi authors that I enjoy, Isaac Asimov being one of them. His book called "The Living River" is what gave me the impetus to study Medical Technology. This book is true science, not fiction, but it's just as captivating as any science fiction book that you could read.

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