Photos of a Himalayan Cat named Baby Kitty

Baby Kitty was m3cats's lap cat and computer companion.He was born in September 1987 then put up for sale in a pet store by the breeder. After several visits to the store, m3cats decided that this beautiful cat needed to come home with her. He was very loving and accepted all the other cats that came to live at his house over the 15 years of his life.In 2002, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and he died September 7, 2002.His presence is greatly missed.

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Baby Kitty in his Sunglasses.
Baby Kitty in his Sunglasses
Baby Kitty in his Sunhat sitting in his Court Yard.
Baby Kitty in his Hat
Baby Kitty sitting in his courtyard
Baby Kitty relaxing
Close up photo of Baby Kitty
Baby Kitty in the enclosed Court Yard
Baby Kitty at 4 years oldBaby Kitty - a Himalayan - at 4 years old
Baby Kitty in front of Christmas Tree
Baby Kitty on an antique Wash Stand
Baby Kitty Poses on the Kitchen Stool
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