This website is dedicated to the cats that have owned m3cats and for members of the 1960's Florida garage band called "The Roemans". There are photos of cats, 1955 Chevy cars, motorcycles, Daytona Beach bike week, and damage caused by the 2004 hurricanes that hit central Florida. There are several pages about The Roemans along with YouTube videos about the group.

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    This is a link to over a dozen internet jokes or stories that m3cats has collected over the years. Some of these jokes/stories include: The 6 Phases of Work, True Friends, How was I born?, Forwarding Jokes, The Pea Story, Thank You for Your Time, Moms - monitor that homework, The Story, Doctors Answers, The White Envelope, New Law Coming From Congress, Why Our Country Is In Trouble.

Photos : Cats, Cars, Motorcycles, Daytona Beach Bike Week, Hurricane Charley

Other Internet Information

The Roemans : A 1960's Florida Garage Band that backed Tommy Roe in 1964 and 1965

The Roemans : Some of their 45's

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